Michelin guide 2013 (early)

So the Michelin guide has been ‘leaked’ early. I say ‘leaked’ – they did list the new rankings own their own website before taking it down. PR vibes etc.

Great to see that Paul Ainsworth finally gets his first star. Simon Rogan (L’enclume) gets his second and I would put money on him becoming the 5th UK restaurant currently with 3 stars in the next few years. Pierre Gagnaire at Sketch and Micheal Wignall at Latymer, Pennyhill Park,  also get their second stars.

Full list here:

Also here’s an interesting well written article in vanity fair arguing Michelin isn’t relevant anymore: Michelin. Get Out of the Kitchen

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2 thoughts on “Michelin guide 2013 (early)

  1. Heard a great radio interview with MPW on Radio 2 in the spring, same sentiment as the vanity fair article. First time I have heard someone actually say how the concept of Michelin stars is very outdated in this day and age. “The final course is the bill” is a line we remember: so many people go to these places for the prestige and the bragging rights and it can overshadow the whole point of the meal itself.

  2. I’d like to hear the interview. Is it available online? It’s interesting that most chefs still revere Michelin as much as they ever have. As the Vanity Fair article highlights, there are more many more stars handed out every year than taken away. Therefore logistically Michelin can’t review places as often as they once did. So perhaps the ‘accuracy’ is not what it once was. This is a brilliant video on the obsession chefs have with it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f-j1ctaQqw

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