Keep it cosy London

The clocks have gone back and it’s chilli times in London. The dream is a country pub with a fire, the reality is crowded nooks with mad average heating.

..But it doesn’t have to be this way. Put your feet up and check out the cosiest gaffs in town:

The Mall Tavern, 71-73 Palace Gardens Terrace, Notting Hill

bread and butter

Any self-respecting highbrow blog reader will know that quality of bread is proportionate to the standard of establishment itself. The Mall Tavern is the best, by a long way, I’ve ever had in a pub. Pantwettingly good. They also serve good beers in tankards. Beer tastes better and looks cooler out of tankard. It’s one of the best pubs in London and their food is large portioned and excellent. The Cow pie with bone marrow is quite the shiznit.

Quo Vadis, 26-29 Dean Street, Soho @JLQuoVadis

Quo Vadis, meaning’where are you going?’

Quo Vadis opened in 1926 and has since 2008 has been owned by Sam and Eddie Hart (who also own Fino and Barrafina (most godly place ever)). Before that Damian Hirst and Marco Pierre White had a joint venture here. So the place has a lot of history. Any ghosts, however, have been well and truly banished by a refurb, leaving the place both elegant and cosy.

The chef here is Jeremy Lee (of Blueprint café fame), one of the industry’s world’s most articulate and eccentric Personalities. Quo Vadis is British in its cooking style. Read Matthew Fort’s take on it here. The bar is one of Soho’s prettiest and cocktails are on the money as Bar Chick will testify.

On top of all that it’s good value too.

The Holly Bush, Hamstead, 22 Hollymount, @TheHollyBushPub

Not to be confused with The Holy Bush

I have a good friend who is the king of cosy. He’s like a cashmere jumper, and knows a thing or two about places of great comfort. So trust his well-informed judgement of this one. Holly Bush has an open fire and is in arguably the nicest part of London, Hampsted. Mazel tov.


The Gun, 27 Coldharbour Docklands,

Overlooking the Dome

If you like your views riverside and your buildings listed, then try The Gun. The docklands isn’t many people’s first thought of top pub destinations.  The Gun, though, is a bit special and really worth a try. The views make it feel like you’re on a ship and its maritime décor adds to a sweet atmosphere. Go now for oysters, bang in season till Christmas.

Keep it chopped out and see you there..

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