London’s Best Restaurant, Newcomer, Chef, Critic… The Results

The votes are in – over 1,400 of them. The public has spoken and here’s what they said:

Best Newcomer of the Year – Pitt Cue

Pitt Cue

Pipping Bonnie Gull to Best Newcomer Of The Year is Pitt Cue with 43% of the vote. Pitt Cue brings American BBQ style food to London with aplomb. If there was a Zeitgeist restaurant of 2012, Pitt Cue is it. Concentrating on a few dishes of supreme quality; ribs, pulled pork and sausage, Pitt Cue offers outstanding value. Congratulations Pitt Cue, keep up the good work.

London’s Best Modern Restaurant – The Hawksmoor

The Hawksmoor

The Hawksmoor has become an institution and famous for having the best steaks on London. They have exceptional produce cooked to exacting standards. The new Hawksmoor Air offers more variety, with beautiful fish taking centre stage alongside the meat. There may be fancier presentation and more intricate cooking taking place in London, but it’s hard to argue with The Hawkmoor as the place you’d most like to visit for a proper feed.

Best Critic – Grace Dent

Grace Dent

The Evening Standard Magazine’s Grace Dent has become a must read for Friday night commuters travelling home for the weekend. Her column reminds people there is to something come back to London for after all. She beats Gill, Rayner and Coren in the public vote.

London Chef Of The Year – Michel Roux Jr

michel roux Jnr

The most graceful man on television. Effortlessly sliding between perfect French and English like a lubed up dolphin in the ocean.

TV aside, Michel Roux Jr presides over Le Gavroche, London’s pre-eminent fine dining French Restaurant.

There is no one more affable and deserving of London Chef of the Year. The Legend. Salute.

Trend of The Year – Pulled


..As in pork, beef etc. Usually referring to the shoulder of the animal, cooked incredibly slowly, so that you can simply pull the meat from the bone. Well done Pulled, we love your style.

To 2013…

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