London’s Tastiest-Healthiest Happenings 2013

Of course tastiest-healthiest sounds oxymoronic.

But A Lot Of Chop is nothing if not seasonally helpful and these being post Christmas bloaty times …

So suck in both sets of cheeks and get yourself down to these life extending joints.



Some have suggested that Fika is the most authentic Swedish restaurant in London. AND it’s on Brick lane. What’s not to like? Perhaps Reindeer. But that aside herrings, gravad lax, meatballs and sandwiches are all delicious and Swedish (therefore healthy).

Fika Menu

The Grocery

The Grocery

The Grocery is so wholesome it makes you feel healthy the minute you walk in. The shop is ridiculous, full of Hoxton Gwyneths macrobioticing the fuck out of life. If you like having a choice of  thirty different olive oils then this is the place for you. Out back is the café serving amazing new age artisan food to die for. Ironic as everyone here will live forever.

The Grocery



Seared scallops, pickled daikon, green apple / Seared prawns, fennel, white oregano, feta / Grilled garfish, vine leaves, chermoula / Raw brussels sprouts, oyster mushrooms, quail egg / Braised carrots, mung beans, smoked labneh.

You get the picture. Nopi. From the people who brought you Ottolenghi.

Nopi Menu



Like a modern day Confucius with an apron, Israeli-born Ottolenghi brings his intellect and philosophy to his food and expanding empire most successfully.


With the food-world’s biggest brain there’s no stopping him. He’s capable of making even vibeless vegetarian food interesting. Incredible Mediterranean Middle East flavours and textures take centre stage. You can expect plenty of  lemon, pomegranate, garlic and chilli punch to innovative and healthy dishes.

Delis in Notting Hill, Kensington, Belgravia and the restaurant is in Islington.

Ottolenghi Menu

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