Michael Winner

Michael Winner young

He may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but it was his column  ‘Winner’s Dinners’ that many would turn to first in The Sunday Times. Usually funnier, ruder and more succinct than other critics, he was provocative – albeit with his tongue firmly in cheek. Whatever your opinion he was a huge influence in the food and restaurant scene and always entertaining.

As a film director he was one of Marlon Brando’s closest friends and worked with Marlin Monroe, Orson Welles,  and Michael Caine. As a restaurant critic he was banned from Le Gavroche and The Waterside Inn. For life. He and his words will be missed.

Some quotes from and about the renegade:

“I don’t want to live in a tolerant society. I want to live in a very intolerant society.”

“As far as I’m concerned, British food went downhill after the 1950s, was still good in the 1970s and has since fallen off the edge of a cliff into a sea of mass suppliers, arrogance and absurdity.”

”The only way to hold a decent dinner party in Hollywood now is to have a seance”

-M.W complaining that all his favourite fellow diners are now dead.

Such sad news. The most charismatic food critic ever. Loved him dearly. God bless Michael Winner
Gordon Ramsay

I worked on lots of his films. He will be greatly missed by the film industry and restaurateurs.’
Terry O’Neil

‘Michael says all the things we wished we’d said when faced with bad food and service.’
Michael Parkinson


His favourite restaurant?

The River Cafe of course

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