4 of the best restaurants in London, right now

The nights are closing in. Breaking Bad is about to end and X Factor has started. Bummers all round. However, there have also been more London restaurant openings (of notable excellence) in the last year, than I can ever remember.

Here are some bona fied, alotofchopapproved, sizziling hot, new(ish) restaurants

Bruno Loubet. Grain Store

Grain Store

The main man behind Grain Store is Bruno Loubet (Zetter Townhouse), whom everyone in the food world seems to adore. This means he’ll have access to the best suppliers in and outside the country.  His new place Grain Store, in Kings Cross is outstanding. You can expect the toppest, Italian inspired cooking and ingredients (from the Frenchman). Butternut squash ravioli, sage & mustard apricots, pumpkin seed oil or Chilled clear lobster ‘Bloody Mary’ .

Bruno can do no wrong.

Quality Chop House


Last year Giles Coren tweeted that Quality Chop House did the best house red he’d ever had, and at only £4p/glass. He also mentioned that it was one of the best places he’d been all year.

I got straight on the phone, and it was engaged for 45 mins.  Popular guys, and rightly so. The quality of the meat is some of the best in London, hands down. There is a private area upstairs with its own private bathroom that The Porcelin Gentleman would approve of. Giles was right about the wine too.

Honey – Fitzrovia


I have a friend who will always choose the diciest thing on the menu. I’m talking the McLobster in McDonalds,  Fish Surprise in the chippy, hearts, necks, tentacles, eyeballs when available.  If Nandos did chicken feet, he’d clean them out.

It all reminds me of this:

But I digress. Despite these persuasions, he’s actually one of the most trustworthy foodies I know. He knows his dumpling form his Dim Sum, if you know what I mean. His favourite place of the moment is Honey, in Fitzrovia. Home style, Ottolenghi-esque, middle eastern cooking. Not a testicle in sight.



An absolute beauty in Hackney, just near Ridley Road Market. Seared Mackerel, Grapefruit and Celery. Turbot, Carrot and Sage.  Lemon Sole Citrus Butter, Daikon and Licorice. Cold glass of Reisling Kabinette. Perfect for a sunny Autumnal day. SOLD.

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