Top 10 Food shows: #9 TopJaw


TOPJAW is a superbly entertaining YouTube show that sees two mates, Jesse and Will, escapade around the globe: living, breathing and eating the food of the best restaurants, markets and street vendors on offer. That they manage to truly convey the ambience of so many places, in such little time, is remarkable and rarely achieved though this type of content.

What’s particularly innovative about the show is their expertly curated choices of places to visit. There’s no Michelin stars here or cliched Easyjet in- flight-magazine recommendations. No, they explore places that in- the- know locals love, or would love, to go.

The show was born out of a short film attempting to find what was London’s best burger in 2015. A patty-pilgrimage saw them test Boom Burger, Five Guys, Meat Liquor, Dip & Flip, Burger & Lobster with Patty & Bun eventually crowned the winner. The show has since evolved into a legitimate food and travel guide. And one you actually trust.

Will and Jesse are clearly ‘living their best lives’ making the show which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch. Jesse, the presenter, dances, jockeys and jokes throughout, working off the ridiculous volume of calories he consumes at each stop. There are shades of Man vs Food in the sheer quantity he’s able to devour in their 48 hour trips. That he shows so much excitement towards every place he visits, with such a full belly, shows a huge heart and hollow legs.

AA Gill once said that the most endearing quality in people is enthusiasm, even if their passion isn’t your cup of tea. TOPJAW create films that epitomize enthusiasm and this seeps through the presenting, the eating and the film production. Ultimately this show makes you want to live, to have fun and to eat with a smile.

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