Gary Usher savage response to diner’s TripAdvisor criticism

The freedom of speech can be a wonderful thing! If diners can complain about anything then chef’s deserve right of reply. Absolutely.

Restaurants, and all those in the food industry, deserve the support of their customers more than ever in the current pandemic. Unless you have a truly shocking meal or something needs to be brought attention to the public, then why bother with a lame TripAdvisor post to satisfy your ego. I’d ask the TripAdvisor diner what has their bad review achieved for them? If there’s a genuine unhappiness with the service, price or food then why not communicate with the owner in private? This is not only a classier way to deal with it but it’s also far more likely to end in a good resolution for both parties. TripAdvisor serves a purpose, yes, but complaining about the price after the meal seems like an after-timer’s attitude at best, at worst it’s just stupid: ‘I can’t believe I just spent £2 on a chocolate bar! I blame Nestle!’

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