Sir Terence Conran

Terence Conran had arguably the greatest impact of any single person on the United Kingdom’s dining landscape. He touched so many facets of the world; a precocious designer, retailer, writer and restaurateur. They could rename the Midas touch after Terence Conway.

Terence was a true visionary responsible for: Habitat, The Conran Shop, the Design Museum.

London was a depressed place at that time, with all its bomb sites. It was difficult to find anything decent to eat. My tutor at college was the artist Eduardo Paolozzi. He was very keen on his Italian food and used to get food parcels from his parents. I remember sitting with him to eat a black ink octopus risotto. He taught me how to chop up an onion and the importance of garlic. He, more than anyone else, was my food influence.’

A few restaurants Terence was responsible for:





Orrery Marylebone

Bluebird club

“I am convinced that personal involvement is necessary to nurture a first-class restaurant

A touching read here:

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