Gary Usher savage response to diner’s TripAdvisor criticism

The freedom of speech can be a wonderful thing! If diners can complain about anything then chef’s deserve right of reply. Absolutely. Restaurants, and all those in the food industry, deserve the support of their customers more than ever in the current pandemic. Unless you have a truly shocking meal or something needs to beContinue reading “Gary Usher savage response to diner’s TripAdvisor criticism”

Can a chef truly ‘own’ a recipe?

Has Gordon Ramsay really plagiarised Australian Mitch Orr’s signature macaroni, pig’s head and egg yolk. Or is this chef clout chasing? For my money, recipe borrowing is fair and has always happened. Should you give credit when you’ve been inspired? Absolutely. But if Mitch Orr is expecting anything more from GR he’s either crazy orContinue reading “Can a chef truly ‘own’ a recipe?”

Top 10 (London based) British Chefs

Almost impossible to create lists like this. But we did anyway. Chefs are British and primarily based in London (not just have their 2nd restaurant here). Many more specific chef lists to follow. Phil Howard – Elystan Street Tom Aikens – Muse Tom Story – Story Ollie Dabbous – Hide Adam Byatt – Trinity MarcusContinue reading “Top 10 (London based) British Chefs”

Top 10 Food shows: #7 Adam Ragusea

Gordon Ramsay enjoyed a purple patch in UK food TV from 1999-2012. Boiling Point, Kitchen Nightmares, The F Word were some of the best TV shows you’ll ever see about kitchens. But just when I thought he could do no wrong, along came Ramsay’s Cookalong live. A worthless runt of a show. Like Ready SteadyContinue reading “Top 10 Food shows: #7 Adam Ragusea”

From the Mail: Chef reveals the 6 worst mistakes home cooks make in the kitchen that ruin their food 1. Not adding acidity 2. Poor seasoning 3. Overcrowding pan 4. Not resting meat 5. Burning garlic. 6. Not enough good quality fats

Pret a Manger offers ‘all you can drink’ season tickets for £20 – could restaurants follow a subscription model?

Nearly everything we purchase now is done so on a subscription basis. Could restaurants follow the same model? Read the BBC’s article here:

Top ten Instagram food accounts

Get following and weep at beauty of these: 1) Munchies @munchies 2) Andrew Scrivani @andrewscrivani 3 Dennisistheprescott @dennisistheprescott 4 Johnnie Collins @johnniecollins 5 The Burger List @theburgerlist 6 Chewtown @chewtown 7 Donal Skehan @donalskehan 8 candidsbyjo @candidsbyjo 9 Cashew Kitchen @cashewkitchen 10 Twigg Studios @twiggstudios  Series of these to follow. If you have any recommendationsContinue reading “Top ten Instagram food accounts”

Top 10 Food shows: #8 F*ck, That’s Delicious

F*ck, That’s Delicious. The Life And Eating Habits Of Rap’s Greatest Bon Vivant. A famous rapper is eating Labk Tikka on a gritty New York street when a car pulls up to him unexpectedly. It feels tense.  The driver shouts: “Action Bronson! We went to high school together! You don’t remember me? .. Vic!… I’mContinue reading “Top 10 Food shows: #8 F*ck, That’s Delicious”