Top 10 Food shows: #9 TopJaw

TOPJAW TOPJAW is a superbly entertaining YouTube show that sees two mates, Jesse and Will, escapade around the globe: living, breathing and eating the food of the best restaurants, markets and street vendors on offer. That they manage to truly convey the ambience of so many places, in such little time, is remarkable and rarelyContinue reading “Top 10 Food shows: #9 TopJaw”

Top 10 Food shows: #10 One Bite Pizza Reviews

The Top 10 food shows on YouTube : # 10 Barstool Pizza. My first viewing of ‘One Bite Pizza Reviews (with Dave pageviews)’ reminded me of watching Spinal Tap for the first time. This was clearly a paradigm shifting take on the cliched camcorder food review. There were so many layers on what was ostensiblyContinue reading “Top 10 Food shows: #10 One Bite Pizza Reviews”

Tommy Banks 1 – Daily Mail 0

Critics vs chefs have slugged it out since the caveman times. The greats like AA Gill and Fay Machler fought publicly with Gordon Ramsay, Tom Sellers and many more. As harsh as Gill could be, he was always greatly respected by most in the industry, in spite of this. By way of their entertainment valueContinue reading “Tommy Banks 1 – Daily Mail 0”

The Top Ten Pizza in London

In truth, there could be 50 pizzerias on this list. We’ll likely do a part 2 soon. 1) L’Antica Pizzeria, Stoke Newington The best.. The greatest pizza of your life. The Spectator agrees: The best pizza in the world is in… Stoke Newington 2.) Made of Dough, Peckham Rye Neapolitan Artisan Sourdough Pizza – winner of London’sContinue reading “The Top Ten Pizza in London”

My entry for The AA Gill Award for Emerging Food Critics

My London: P Franco and PattyandBun. The earliest memory I have is with my mum at Megatron, a spaceship themed restaurant on the A14. Little Chef meets The Jetsons if you will. A robot took your order and the food miraculously appeared moments later. It was simultaneously the future and the past. NASA nibbles onContinue reading “My entry for The AA Gill Award for Emerging Food Critics”

Top 10 most iconic chef’s dishes

1) Joël Robuchon’s ‘Pomme Puree’ This is truly legendary. If you want it bangers and mash style that’ll be £75. The ratio of potato to butter is 2:1. Get your spoon out. Still, this was the man with more Michelin stars (25) than any other chef in history.  “At a time when French chefs barely deignedContinue reading “Top 10 most iconic chef’s dishes”

The Ten Best Food websites (UK)

1)) Great British Chefs Beautiful website. Unrivalled access to the top chefs. Must see. 2) Hot Dinners Right on the pulse with the latest news, openings and reviews 3) The Critical couple Mind-blowing volume of insane reviews of the absolute best restaurants in the world. 4) The London Foodie Reviews ofContinue reading “The Ten Best Food websites (UK)”