Top 10 most iconic chef’s dishes

1) Joël Robuchon’s ‘Pomme Puree’ This is truly legendary. If you want it bangers and mash style that’ll be £75. The ratio of potato to butter is 2:1. Get your spoon out. Still, this was the man with more Michelin stars (25) than any other chef in history.  “At a time when French chefs barely deignedContinue reading “Top 10 most iconic chef’s dishes”

Marco Pierre White

Perhaps the most enigmatic chef of modern times is Marco Pierre White. He is the first bona fide ‘celebrity chef’ from the UK, rising to prominence in an age that preceded reality television. It was his extraordinary skill as a chef and cut-throat, domineering personality that made him such a fascinating public figure. He canContinue reading “Marco Pierre White”