The stereotypical Western-Japanese restaurant was showcased in the early 90’s by Homer Simpson’s ill-fated visit to Springfield’s Happy Sumo. The staff, shocked at Homer’s loutish ways, personify Japanese restraint, masking their indignation as he eats everything on their menu. With the head chef distracted, Homer is mistakenly served the whole poisonous fugu fish. He isContinue reading “Uchi”


I moved to Bethnal Green in 2010 when everyone was having ‘new-age- fun with a vintage feel’.  ‘Being a Dickhead’s Cool’ was funny and vaguely informative. Seven years later it’s eerily nostalgic to watch: Today’s East London feels safer, more established and serious. At its heart though it’s still a glorious melting pot of people from Jerusalem,Continue reading “Brawn”

Trust in the Hawksmoor.

Last week Eminem’s acerbic verbal assault on the Tango-faced, fat president of The United States was widely endorsed by the media, Hollywood, blacks and whites. It restored some trust in celebrity culture and the power it can sometimes do for good. Trump-bashing is common. So why did Eminem’s excoriation of Donald’s Red, White and BlueContinue reading “Trust in the Hawksmoor.”

Cookhouse Joe

As a youngster things were simpler. There was Burger King, Wimpy, Pizza Hut and McDonalds. There was also a fucking spaceship on the motorway called Megatron where you ordered your food from a computer and a robot delivered it. Maybe this was just a dream, (then maybe it wasn’t). All exciting stuff regardless. But nowContinue reading “Cookhouse Joe”

Bonnie Gull – Seafood Shack

Earlier this year I tried ‘herring – three ways’ while staying with friends in Stockholm for midsummer celebrations. It was a revelation. So good I literally and drunkenly made a song and dance about it. So where to take our Swedish aficionado pals in London?  A new seafood shack, with head chef Luke Robinson (Fifteen) at the helm,Continue reading “Bonnie Gull – Seafood Shack”