Interview: Ricky Panesar – creator of the perfect fish finger sandwich.

After multiple news outlets broadcast the uplifting Perfect Fish Finger Sandwich story, I interviewed the creator, Ricky Panesar, to find out his own story. Like many chefs Ricky Panesar cut his teeth frying and reheating at the local pub rather than flambéing and confiting at a Michelin 3-Star. One summer, on a surfing trip inContinue reading “Interview: Ricky Panesar – creator of the perfect fish finger sandwich.”

Great review of ‘the world’s first Nigerian Tapas Restaurant’

Grace Dent has written the best review I’ve read in ages about a lesser understood type of cuisine in London. Moi moi, suya sinasir and sinasir are dishes eaten in Lagos, Ibadan, Kaduna, Kano and Chuku’s is now dishing these up to hungry Londoners. Chuku’s, in Tottenham, London, was set up by brother and sisterContinue reading “Great review of ‘the world’s first Nigerian Tapas Restaurant’”

After 10 years Chef finally creates the formula for the perfect fish-finger sandwich

Ten years is a long time to spend on anything. Some when you hear then a chef has spent the Malcolm Gladwell, 10,000 hours working on perfecting the recipe for fish sandwich, you wonder if he’s a little out there. Rick Panesar has made over 15,000 fish finger sandwiches in that time, tweaking and refining.Continue reading “After 10 years Chef finally creates the formula for the perfect fish-finger sandwich”

Gordon Ramsay: £19 fry up has not gone down well

When I saw Gordon Ramsay’s full English post, I did think he was joking. Not for the price but more beacuse the eggs looked like something from Little Chef or Wendy’s, not The Savoy. Cue, the Twitter world mercilessly laying into him. Ramsay appeared in good spirits with his responses. (It was a quiet newsContinue reading “Gordon Ramsay: £19 fry up has not gone down well”

Sir Terence Conran

Terence Conran had arguably the greatest impact of any single person on the United Kingdom’s dining landscape. He touched so many facets of the world; a precocious designer, retailer, writer and restaurateur. They could rename the Midas touch after Terence Conway. Terence was a true visionary responsible for: Habitat, The Conran Shop, the Design Museum.Continue reading “Sir Terence Conran”

The Spectator picks the best Michelin star restaurants outside of London

The Spectator’s Marianna Hunt breaks down a selection of the finest Michelin restaurants in the UK, outside of London: The Red Lion, Wilshire The Whitebrook, Monmouth Restaurant Interlude, Horsham The Black Swan, Yorkshire Moor Hall, Lancashire Isle of Eriska, Argyll and Bate Full brilliant article here:

Gay Hussar is back from the geniuses behind Noble Rot!

Wonderful news amidst the current craziness. Noble Rot is one of London’s absolute gems and if Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew can sprinkle their magic on the new Gay Hussar we are in for a treat. Gay Hussar is returning to its Hungarian roots with nods to fine French and English food paired with aContinue reading “Gay Hussar is back from the geniuses behind Noble Rot!”

William Sitwell’s new podcast: Biting Point

A great new find from food and restaurant expert William Sitwell which features excellent guests and interesting commentary and debate on the food and restaurant industry from around the world. This week he’s talking to Swedish chef Niklas Ekstedt about reindeer pancakes and sustainable living. Listen to here:

Gary Usher savage response to diner’s TripAdvisor criticism

The freedom of speech can be a wonderful thing! If diners can complain about anything then chef’s deserve right of reply. Absolutely. Restaurants, and all those in the food industry, deserve the support of their customers more than ever in the current pandemic. Unless you have a truly shocking meal or something needs to beContinue reading “Gary Usher savage response to diner’s TripAdvisor criticism”