Can a chef truly ‘own’ a recipe?

Has Gordon Ramsay really plagiarised Australian Mitch Orr’s signature macaroni, pig’s head and egg yolk. Or is this chef clout chasing? For my money, recipe borrowing is fair and has always happened. Should you give credit when you’ve been inspired? Absolutely. But if Mitch Orr is expecting anything more from GR he’s either crazy orContinue reading “Can a chef truly ‘own’ a recipe?”

From the Mail: Chef reveals the 6 worst mistakes home cooks make in the kitchen that ruin their food 1. Not adding acidity 2. Poor seasoning 3. Overcrowding pan 4. Not resting meat 5. Burning garlic. 6. Not enough good quality fats

Pret a Manger offers ‘all you can drink’ season tickets for £20 – could restaurants follow a subscription model?

Nearly everything we purchase now is done so on a subscription basis. Could restaurants follow the same model? Read the BBC’s article here:

Tommy Banks 1 – Daily Mail 0

Critics vs chefs have slugged it out since the caveman times. The greats like AA Gill and Fay Machler fought publicly with Gordon Ramsay, Tom Sellers and many more. As harsh as Gill could be, he was always greatly respected by most in the industry, in spite of this. By way of their entertainment valueContinue reading “Tommy Banks 1 – Daily Mail 0”

My entry for The AA Gill Award for Emerging Food Critics

My London: P Franco and PattyandBun. The earliest memory I have is with my mum at Megatron, a spaceship themed restaurant on the A14. Little Chef meets The Jetsons if you will. A robot took your order and the food miraculously appeared moments later. It was simultaneously the future and the past. NASA nibbles onContinue reading “My entry for The AA Gill Award for Emerging Food Critics”

London’s Best Restaurant, Newcomer, Chef, Critic… The Results

The votes are in – over 1,400 of them. The public has spoken and here’s what they said: Best Newcomer of the Year – Pitt Cue Pipping Bonnie Gull to Best Newcomer Of The Year is Pitt Cue with 43% of the vote. Pitt Cue brings American BBQ style food to London with aplomb. If there wasContinue reading “London’s Best Restaurant, Newcomer, Chef, Critic… The Results”