Great review of ‘the world’s first Nigerian Tapas Restaurant’

Grace Dent has written the best review I’ve read in ages about a lesser understood type of cuisine in London. Moi moi, suya sinasir and sinasir are dishes eaten in Lagos, Ibadan, Kaduna, Kano and Chuku’s is now dishing these up to hungry Londoners. Chuku’s, in Tottenham, London, was set up by brother and sisterContinue reading “Great review of ‘the world’s first Nigerian Tapas Restaurant’”

After 10 years Chef finally creates the formula for the perfect fish-finger sandwich

Ten years is a long time to spend on anything. Some when you hear then a chef has spent the Malcolm Gladwell, 10,000 hours working on perfecting the recipe for fish sandwich, you wonder if he’s a little out there. Rick Panesar has made over 15,000 fish finger sandwiches in that time, tweaking and refining.Continue reading “After 10 years Chef finally creates the formula for the perfect fish-finger sandwich”

Pret a Manger offers ‘all you can drink’ season tickets for £20 – could restaurants follow a subscription model?

Nearly everything we purchase now is done so on a subscription basis. Could restaurants follow the same model? Read the BBC’s article here:

Top 10 Food shows: #9 TopJaw

TOPJAW TOPJAW is a superbly entertaining YouTube show that sees two mates, Jesse and Will, escapade around the globe: living, breathing and eating the food of the best restaurants, markets and street vendors on offer. That they manage to truly convey the ambience of so many places, in such little time, is remarkable and rarelyContinue reading “Top 10 Food shows: #9 TopJaw”

Top 10 Food shows: #10 One Bite Pizza Reviews

The Top 10 food shows on YouTube : # 10 Barstool Pizza. My first viewing of ‘One Bite Pizza Reviews (with Dave pageviews)’ reminded me of watching Spinal Tap for the first time. This was clearly a paradigm shifting take on the cliched camcorder food review. There were so many layers on what was ostensiblyContinue reading “Top 10 Food shows: #10 One Bite Pizza Reviews”


I moved to Bethnal Green in 2010 when everyone was having ‘new-age- fun with a vintage feel’.  ‘Being a Dickhead’s Cool’ was funny and vaguely informative. Seven years later it’s eerily nostalgic to watch: Today’s East London feels safer, more established and serious. At its heart though it’s still a glorious melting pot of people from Jerusalem,Continue reading “Brawn”

Trust in the Hawksmoor.

Last week Eminem’s acerbic verbal assault on the Tango-faced, fat president of The United States was widely endorsed by the media, Hollywood, blacks and whites. It restored some trust in celebrity culture and the power it can sometimes do for good. Trump-bashing is common. So why did Eminem’s excoriation of Donald’s Red, White and BlueContinue reading “Trust in the Hawksmoor.”