London’s top 5 most exciting restaurant openings – November 2016

1) El pastor. London Bridge When the people who brought you the impeccable Barrafina open a new place that they’ve put their heart and soul into, you take notice. El Pastor has long been a passion project for the Hart Brothers who have spent years travelling Mexico, claiming to have eaten ‘every single burrito andContinue reading “London’s top 5 most exciting restaurant openings – November 2016”

London Heart Scandinavia

Scandi-lifestyle is hot right now. It’s actually been so for ages. But when Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s getting in on the act, you know it’s hit the big time. There’s the uplifting TV (The Killing/Bridge, Wallander), Film (Melancholia, Nymphomaniac) and literature (Millennium trilogy). They’ve also given us androgynous fashion (Cos, Acne) and thoroughly tasteful interior design –Continue reading “London Heart Scandinavia”

4 of the best restaurants in London, right now

The nights are closing in. Breaking Bad is about to end and X Factor has started. Bummers all round. However, there have also been more London restaurant openings (of notable excellence) in the last year, than I can ever remember. Here are some bona fied, alotofchopapproved, sizziling hot, new(ish) restaurants Bruno Loubet. Grain Store TheContinue reading “4 of the best restaurants in London, right now”

London’s Tastiest-Healthiest Happenings 2013

Of course tastiest-healthiest sounds oxymoronic. But A Lot Of Chop is nothing if not seasonally helpful and these being post Christmas bloaty times … So suck in both sets of cheeks and get yourself down to these life extending joints. Fika Some have suggested that Fika is the most authentic Swedish restaurant in London. AND it’s on Brick lane. What’s not to like?Continue reading “London’s Tastiest-Healthiest Happenings 2013”

London’s Best Restaurant, Newcomer, Chef, Critic… The Results

The votes are in – over 1,400 of them. The public has spoken and here’s what they said: Best Newcomer of the Year – Pitt Cue Pipping Bonnie Gull to Best Newcomer Of The Year is Pitt Cue with 43% of the vote. Pitt Cue brings American BBQ style food to London with aplomb. If there wasContinue reading “London’s Best Restaurant, Newcomer, Chef, Critic… The Results”

Most exciting new restaurants in London…

Encouragingly, new restaurants are coming thick and fast in London. Some of the best chefs, restaurateurs and fresh new talent are capitalising on an ever more engaged and savvy London public. Here’s what’s most exciting: Ben Spalding @ John Salt 131 Upper Street, Islington, @John_Salt, Opens November 13th This tops the list simply due to the factContinue reading “Most exciting new restaurants in London…”

Michelin guide 2013 (early)

So the Michelin guide has been ‘leaked’ early. I say ‘leaked’ – they did list the new rankings own their own website before taking it down. PR vibes etc. Great to see that Paul Ainsworth finally gets his first star. Simon Rogan (L’enclume) gets his second and I would put money on him becoming the 5th UK restaurantContinue reading “Michelin guide 2013 (early)”