Top 10 Food shows: #6 The Burger Show

“I’m a burger purist. I just like meat, cheese and bread” Alvin Cailan, presenter of The Burger Show, promises that’s all he’s looking for. If only it were that simple… Fifty billion burgers are eaten every year in America. They’ve woven, if not stained, into the fabric of the Red White and Blue. McDonald’s sellsContinue reading “Top 10 Food shows: #6 The Burger Show”

My entry for The AA Gill Award for Emerging Food Critics

My London: P Franco and PattyandBun. The earliest memory I have is with my mum at Megatron, a spaceship themed restaurant on the A14. Little Chef meets The Jetsons if you will. A robot took your order and the food miraculously appeared moments later. It was simultaneously the future and the past. NASA nibbles onContinue reading “My entry for The AA Gill Award for Emerging Food Critics”