Can a chef truly ‘own’ a recipe?

Has Gordon Ramsay really plagiarised Australian Mitch Orr’s signature macaroni, pig’s head and egg yolk. Or is this chef clout chasing? For my money, recipe borrowing is fair and has always happened. Should you give credit when you’ve been inspired? Absolutely. But if Mitch Orr is expecting anything more from GR he’s either crazy orContinue reading “Can a chef truly ‘own’ a recipe?”

Michael Winner

He may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but it was his column  ‘Winner’s Dinners’ that many would turn to first in The Sunday Times. Usually funnier, ruder and more succinct than other critics, he was provocative – albeit with his tongue firmly in cheek. Whatever your opinion he was a huge influence in the foodContinue reading “Michael Winner”