Top 10 Food shows: #6 The Burger Show

“I’m a burger purist. I just like meat, cheese and bread” Alvin Cailan, presenter of The Burger Show, promises that’s all he’s looking for. If only it were that simple… Fifty billion burgers are eaten every year in America. They’ve woven, if not stained, into the fabric of the Red White and Blue. McDonald’s sellsContinue reading “Top 10 Food shows: #6 The Burger Show”

Top 10 Food shows: #8 F*ck, That’s Delicious

F*ck, That’s Delicious. The Life And Eating Habits Of Rap’s Greatest Bon Vivant. A famous rapper is eating Labk Tikka on a gritty New York street when a car pulls up to him unexpectedly. It feels tense.  The driver shouts: “Action Bronson! We went to high school together! You don’t remember me? .. Vic!… I’mContinue reading “Top 10 Food shows: #8 F*ck, That’s Delicious”

The Top Ten Pizza in London

In truth, there could be 50 pizzerias on this list. We’ll likely do a part 2 soon. 1) L’Antica Pizzeria, Stoke Newington The best.. The greatest pizza of your life. The Spectator agrees: The best pizza in the world is in… Stoke Newington 2.) Made of Dough, Peckham Rye Neapolitan Artisan Sourdough Pizza – winner of London’sContinue reading “The Top Ten Pizza in London”

The Ten Best Food websites (UK)

1)) Great British Chefs Beautiful website. Unrivalled access to the top chefs. Must see. 2) Hot Dinners Right on the pulse with the latest news, openings and reviews 3) The Critical couple Mind-blowing volume of insane reviews of the absolute best restaurants in the world. 4) The London Foodie Reviews ofContinue reading “The Ten Best Food websites (UK)”