The rise of speciality restaurants

There has been a notable rise in the number of  great restaurants opening in London over the last 12 months.

Notably the likes of Pitt Cue Co, Dabbous, Burger & Lobster, Cut at 45 Park LaneLa Bodega Negra10 Greek StreetDucksoupCeviche, Shrimpys, Chicken Shop, The Tramshed and recently Bubbledogs  – a champagne and hotdog bar from some of the ex Ledbury guys.

There are some obvious trends in many of the new places. 1> They specialise in 1 or two dishes/ingredients. 2 > They’re not expensive – (save for Duck$oup – bring some moolah)

As well as being in vogue, these places can have lower costs due to fewer and less expensive ingredients (perhaps without need for top expensive chefs). It likely born out of  economic climate in London, and is perhaps one the few good things to come from this.

Jay Rayner explains it well in his Pitt Cue review.

And the future looks to hold more of the same. Check out five new places opening this Autumn including Death by Burritos

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3 thoughts on “The rise of speciality restaurants

  1. Tom, congratulations on the new blog. Perhaps we can get you over here in Rome to give us a review?
    We read a great review of Bubbledogs in the Sunday Times. Well it was well written and funny (AA GIll). Not many themed restaurants here in Rome; there are two that I can think of : tourist traps and truly truly amazing.

    1. Hi, thanks for your kind words. I would love to come to Rome and review your place! AA Gill is definitely the funniest and best writer on this subject.
      I’d be really interested to see how Rome compares to London in terms of restaurants, cultures and current trends. The pictures of your place look amazing. How often is your supper club? Tom

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